Interested in a customized training and nutrition plan to fuel your road race? How about a training plan to get you through your next event? With a customized plan design, you get both a training and nutrition plan. With this service, you have the option of choosing either (A) a run specific training program leading up to your next event that includes strength and core training and/or (B) a customized nutrition plan that complements your existing training goals. 

*Fees available upon request. Contact for current rates and availabilities. 


A comprehensive breakdown and biomechanical analysis of your stride technique to identify problem areas, highlight proper mechanics and help you decrease time/increase your strength and speed. Simply send Katie your run video at any time and you will receive an objective viewpoint of your run form. The best part of this service is that you can get expert advice from anywhere in the world. We will specifically analyze:

  • Run: vdeo stride and gate assessment 

Once we receive your video analysis request, we’ll give you instructions for submitting your video, and do a thorough video analysis of your run. We will then provide you with recommended exercises and stretches to enhance your performance. 

*Fees available upon request. Contact for current rates and availabilities. 


I'm Katie, a competitive triathlete, NASM-certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, and SLU fitness model.