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My Favorites: TYR Nest Pro Goggles

TYR Nest Pro Goggles I have been wearing for years, in clear with light blue lenses

TYR Nest Pro Goggles I have been wearing for years, in clear with light blue lenses

I have many favorite things, most being athletic gear such as my bikes, running shoes, swimsuits and most importantly my goggles. There is nothing worse then being midway through a swim set and getting a leak in your goggles, or leaving the pool with a nagging headache from how tightly you had to keep them just to stay on your head (permanent goggle marks are inevitable for me anyways!). Even worse, is to have this happen during a triathlon while being swarmed by hundred of knuckleheads in the open water! To me, there is nothing better then a good pair of goggles, ones that don't leak, suction cup your eyeballs out of your head, or pierce the inside of your nose with their oddly shaped lenses.

For me, the best pair of goggles are the Nest Pro goggles made by TYR (see below!)

Back up to my backups of Nest Pro goggles thanks to my team at TYR!

Back up to my backups of Nest Pro goggles thanks to my team at TYR!

I have been wearing these goggles for as long as I have been in the sport of triathlon, which is about 9-10 years now! And to attest to how great they are, I don't think I have gone through that many, and still have one pair that I first started with , that has polarized lenses for sunny open water swimming (and I still use them!). I have worn them in many of their varieties of lenses. The polarized are much needed for early morning open water swimming when the sun is bright and any outdoor swims, the clear and light blue lenses are great for indoor pool swimming,   My favorites are the ones pictured above with the light blue lenses. It brightens things up just so slightly and is great for both the pool, and overcast days at the beach (or any open water!).

One of the best features of these goggles is how comfortable they are. They have a nice and pliable plastic that allows your eye to sit naturally,  unlike some goggles that are made with very hard plastic that digs into the most sensitive spots of your eye. The straps are easily adjustable and they always stay put on your head (even with the craziest amount of hair bundled in your cap like me!). I love these too because I can wear them both in my training, and racing. I have never needed separate pairs, except for when I use the same exact goggle but just with polarized lenses for races that are early in the morning and have a glare from the sun.  I like to wear what I train infor my races, because I know it works and you should never go changing things up the day of a race. They never fall off during dive in starts, nor have they been knocked off if I am ever hit in the head or brushed up against by another triathlete amongst the chaos! They are very hardy goggles as I mentioned before as well. There are no crazy plastic pieces that wear off with time or snap because the straps get too old and worn down. I have maybe been through 3-4 pairs EVER! This is truly one of a "few of my most favorite things " (now I will have the sound of music stuck in my head all day!)

Post Christmas "Recovery" Swim 4400 SC Yards

I use "Recovery" loosely here! This was still a solid swim, however it was my one workout for today and I integrated a lot of varied intensities and strokes to just keep my body moving and to stretch out every angle of my body! Swimming is the ultimate recovery tool for me, especially after hard or long bike , runs or strength workouts that leave my muscles tight and sore. Even a hard swim can be considered "recovery" simply because its giving the body a break from anything weight bearing, and is easier on the joints. I typically swim 5 days a week, and although a good hard swim workout will leave my arms quivering and body fatigued, I can still get in the next day and be able to complete another good workout using different intensities/intervals, strokes or tools such as pull buoys/paddles and fins. This is why I love swimming so much, there is so much to be improving on and so much you can do in the pool!!!

Yesterday I did a "long" run, 12 miles with 12 big hills for Christmas!  I haven't been running as regularly as I had because ofa tight back/hamstring which has been agitated for some time now. Even having taken some time off the road, all my cross training continues to allow me to go out and run a distance like this without a problem! Today was a perfect day to get in the pool for a long swim , to help recover my running muscles and loosen up! I did 4400 short course yards as follows...

4400 SC YDS

Warmup : 1500 straight freestyle, moderate effort with pickups in the last 500

Main Set # 1:  2x through

6x 50 Free build on :45 round 1 / :40round 2

50 kick on 1:10

6x 50 pull buoy on :50 round 1  / :45 round 2

50 kick on 1:10

150 Back/Breast/Free

Main Set #2

12x 75 as free/stroke/free by 25 on 1:05(I alternated odds back, evens breast)

500 pull paddles and buoy

Cool Down

This was a great mix for today. I was able to get a good 1500 straight to start off, then worked a little of my anaerobic system with some 50 sprints to get the heart rate up. The 12 x 75's with stroke mixed in really helped loosen up my legs and work different muscle groups. This would be a great swim to do after a Long Run day or race!