Healthy recipes

"Get your Greens" Soup

In need of a good "Detox" or "clean up" after a Christmas full of more then a few cocktails and indulgences? This soup is for you! It may not look as appetizing as your holiday dessert spread, however it will certainly get you back on track to feeling healthy and strong! Its an all you can eat soup as its super low calorie and loaded with nutrients, fiber and contains no salt, fat or JUNK ingredients that soups you buy at the store often have. This is a great recipe for a meatless Monday, cold winter day, and even better for helping get rid of that nasty head cold   as it is loaded with nutrients and will warm you from the inside out!

Not only is this recipe a nutrient powerhouse that will ensure you get in all your vegetable servings, but it is also very easy to do! The two necessary items you will need are a large soup pot and an immersion blender or  Vitamix (or any large blender) .  I use my vitamix!


  • 1 large onion cut up
  • 1 leek cut up
  • 1 bundle of asparagus
  • 1 large carrot diced
  • 1/2 cup purple top turnip cleaned, skin cut off, diced
  • 3 large heads of broccoli florets (about 4-5 cups worth) OR you can use 2 bags of frozen broccoli
  • 1 garlic clove + fresh ground black pepper
  • 1 cup frozen spinach
  • Water
  • Optional : more frozen spinach to add AFTER


  1. 1. In large soup pot , simply add all your vegetables and enough water to cover it all. Bring to boil and let cook for about 10 minutes til the vegetables are softened. Turn off the heat and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.
  2.  use your immersion blender OR transfer soup into your vitamix/blender (may have to do in batches) and blend up until it forms a nice consistency. PLEASE NOTE: Make sure your blender's lid is on TIGHT!!!! OR you could have a major disaster in the kitchen!  If using the blender, simply add it all back into your pot and reheat it. Can add in some frozen peas or more spinach for added goodness and greens! :)

Healthy Spicy Quinoa Turkey "Casserole"

I believe there are two kinds of people in the world, those who can cook a meal with no measuring, eyeballing every amount and having it come out fantastic! and those who no matter how exact they follow a recipe, it doesn't quite come out like it should. I like to think of myself as a very humble person, but I am lucky to be the former of those two types of people!

Today I decided I was going to make something that would utilize the leftover quinoa that I had in the fridge, already cooked as well as a block of cheddar cheese. So I went to the store and just decided to pick up what looked good, or what was on sale! I had in my mind to make something along the lines of stuffed peppers, without the stuffed pepper part, and ended up with this delicious dish! Now I know "casserole" is not always a word you would associate with being healthy, but when trying to think of a name for this dish, that was exactly it! Casseroles don't have to be cream covered and unhealthy, this will prove it!  Here are the ingredients, and as I said above, I am an no measuring type of cook, I use my eyes and just go with the flow....but I will try to give an approximate of measurements below...

  • Cooked rainbow quinoa (about 4 cups worth, and can use any type of quinoa or even rice)
  • 1 package of 99% lean ground turkey (chicken works too)
  • 1 can organic fire roasted tomatoes
  • 1 can no salt added black beans
  • 1 cup diced red pepper
  • 1 cup diced orange pepper
  • 1/2 cup diced yellow onion
  • 1 cup diced zucchini
  • 1 cup fresh corn kernals
  • 1/2 tbsp. chilli pepper
  • 1/2 tbsp. black pepper
  • 1 tbsp. Worchester sauce
  • 1-2 tbsp. sirracha hot sauce (optional)
  • 1-2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • 2 tbsp. olive oil
  • 2-3 cloves crushed garlic
  1. In a large skillet, heat your olive oil, then add onions, peppers, zucchini and garlic. Cook down for about 10 min until everything is soft, then put in separate bowl
  2. Add a little more olive oil to the pan and then add your ground turkey, cover and cook until about 75% done. Then add beans, tomatoes, Worchester sauce, chilli pepper and pepper. and mix together , chopping up ground turkey so its in bite size pieces . Add your peppers/onion and zucchini mix back into the pan.
  3. in a casserole pan, lay your cooked quinoa down, then add all the turkey and veggies. Squirt about 1-2 tbsp. sirracha on top , then top with all your cheddar cheese.
  4. Bake for about 20 min on 350 just to get all the cheese bubbly.

Although I was making this primarily with my husband in mind, I did take a few bites without the cheese and it was very good. I usually make my stuffed peppers with similar ingredients, just all stuffed inside a whole peppers, and usually with a blend of wild rice and quinoa. This was very similar however had more of a Mexican taste with the spices! It was a "top 10" dish my husband said, so give it a try!!! Super easy and great for kids too!