"Side dish" Workout

Pictured above: how to hold kettlebell/weight for goblet squats. In this circuit I added a overhead press .

I like to think of my workouts as being comprised of a main or "key" workout that is my goal to get done for the day, and everything else should compliment that workout. For example, my main workout is typically a swim, bike, run or two of those. I may have a hard interval run on tabs for the day, which I will follow up with a 30-40 min core oriented strength workout.  These "side" workouts are to compliment the main...just as your side dishes compliment your main entrée! Below are examples of what I mean:

Main : Long Swim     Side: 30 min light run + 30 min Core

Main: Interval Run     Side: 30-40 min bike pre- run + 30 min Core/strength post run

Main: Brick (Bike followed by run)    Side: 1500yd post brickswim

Main: Long Run                  Side: 60 min Full Body Strength

Main: Hard Swim             Side : 45 min bike + 30 min HIIT


Today I did a long, hilly run outside, which I followed up with a quick 20-30 min full body workout.  See below!

5 rounds of the following:

  • Burpees (10/15/20/25/30)
  • Goblet squat w/press (20)  then without press (20)
  • Straight arm Scaption with band (10)
  • Standing hip adduction with band (30)
  • Decline Pushup (10-15) into Diagonal mountain climbers (30)
  • Reverse crunch + Windshield wipers (20 each)

This was a good workout to tack on to a run as it challenged my anaerobic system and muscle groups that I didn't utilize running. I typically always like to do a good core workout after most of my swim, bike, runs as a strong core is the powerhouse to everything else I do, and can be challenged most every day!