Commercial Break Workout!

Commercial Break Workout!

 As a personal trainer, I’ve heard endless amounts of excuses for “why” people don’t have time to workout…or why they’ve gained weight because of a new job, kids, family, school etc.  I understand that life gets hectic, work leaves you tired, and your kids keep you busy….but staying active and fit doesn’t mean you have to spend hours at the gym, or even any time at the gym for that matter! If you do it right, you can get fit, keep your heart healthy and lose weight without even having to step foot in a gym. Remember, little bursts of activity throughout the day all count, and are just as good as consecutive time in the gym. Next time you are relaxing in front the of the T.V. feeling guilty for not working out, try this little Commercial Break AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) Workout:

 6 Burpees (chest to deck or with pushup)

20 alternating high knees (L+ R =1)

8  Push- up Pikes (do without pushup If you can’t do from toes)

20 alternating mountain climbers (L + R = 1)

10 side plank hip dips (Each side)

 Repeat circuit as many times through as you can during commercials!

 Using nothing but your own bodyweight you can get in a great workout anywhere! And remember, a walk with your kids, squats and pushups while making dinner, planks during your favorite TV show or lunges while at the park with your kids, are all great ways to get your heart pumping and at the end of the day it can all equate to a great workout! Just keep moving!!